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Applied Business Technologies offers consulting and solutions for medium-sized businesses and large multi-site enterprises. Our contact center management solutions help companies in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, mobile services, healthcare, automotive dealerships, financial services and the public sector. Attract and retain customers by digitally capturing phone and data-based interactions in order to improve risk management, quality assurance, customer retention, dispute resolution and other critical business efficiencies. We cover all aspects of Call Recording and work across virtually any telephony platform. In conjunction with our recording applications, we offer several additional products, such as Speech Analytics, Business Data Analytics, Post Call Surveys and IVR Installation/Customization and Workforce Management. With Applied Business Technologies, you can build one of the most high-quality and revenue-generating processes on the market today.

Screen Capture and Call Recording Photo

Call Recording and Screen Capture

We offer a non-proprietary call recording tool that is software and server-based (Windows platforms). The recording server can be fitted to perform as a single-server contact recording software platform which supports VoIP, analog, digital and trunk-side recording. For more information, please click here. Our platform also combines voice and screen capture for synchronous playback. Complementing this tool is a fully-featured Quality Assurance reporting system. This application works extremely well in conjunction with our Post Call Survey and Speech Analytics tools. Please click here for more information.

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics in conjunction with Call Recording

Speech Analytics is a comprehensive platform to analyze agents/customer interaction within the contact center. Useful information is extracted to identify calls from unsatisfied customers. Applied Business Technology software recognizes the spoken phrases which insightfully distinguish customers feedback, so decision-makers can quickly react. Applied Business Technologies works with you every step of the way and, beyond the installation, to ensure that you receive maximum benefits out of this tool. Combined with our Call Recording and Post Call Survey, the Speech Analytics platform becomes one of the most powerful combinations in the call center industry. For more information on our Speech Analytics product, please click here.

Performance Management tools for Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence / Performance Management

Our Business Intelligence tool is a combination of applications and practices that measure past and present business performance. Our Performance Management tool uses a consistent set of metrics to identify and measure the the effectiveness of call center promotions and marketing campaign benchmarks. That way, decision-makers can assess their key performance indicators, so that ABT Business Intelligence informs them of how to take their organizations to the next level. Please click here for more information.

Post Call Surveys

Post Call Survey tool that integrates with Speech Analytics and Call Recording

Applied Business Technologies offers a completely-customized, automated Post Call Survey tool that is user-friendly, comprehensive and responsive. ABT Post-Call Surveys provide immediate client feedback about your products and services.

This interactive survey tool allows customers to produce feedback via any touch-tone telephone, or by voice response. You compose the questions according to your customized key indicators for customer satisfaction, compliance, employee campaigns, special campaigns and quality assurance. Please click here for more information.

Workforce Management

Our Workforce Management tool incorporates employee activities needed to make your workforce productive. Workforce Management system users can refine crucial human resource trends: current and future staffing requirements; short-term peak loads and availabilities for holidays and weekends; budget allowances; skills, and compliance with labor-law-related restrictions. For more information on ABT Workforce Management products, please click here.

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