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The term, hospitality, is all about welcome. However, one can create a welcome feeling in so many ways: a smile, a personal touch, or an amazing deal. Indeed, the hospitality industry is one which welcomes people in so many ways: entertainment, travel and lifestyle. The generic concept is very understandable. Of course, simplicity translated to the business world makes "welcome" more difficult to define. What makes a great concert or a great holiday? The answer lies in the individual experience.

The hospitality industry is entirely vested in identifying and nurturing its customers' sense of welcome, no matter what product is provided. From a business point-of-view, the industry functions on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Many industry players perish or prosper on those two determinants alone. The key is to gain as much credible call recording information as possible on the client experience, so vendors can enhance it. The call recording mandate can be daunting, when vendors are global airlines, hotel chains, entertainment companies and food service providers (as examples). Economy-of-scale, as applied to hospitality, makes information-gathering a huge task.

Call centers fill in the information gaps. In fact, the call center industry has become a primary service provider to hospitality. Thanks to technology and globalization, call center business costs are competitive. Call centers rely on leading-edge Call Recording software solutions to better serve companies in search of crucial customer feedback. The travel and entertainment industries, for example, are mainly focused on improving and upholding operational efficiency.

Applied Business technologies offers a wide variety of robust Call Recording solutions which will ensure guest satisfaction and loyalty. Hospitality benefits include:

PCI Compliance

Call Recording and Screen Capture encryption support in which complies with PCI guidelines.

Real Time Monitoring, Workforce Management and QA

  • Call Recording management including real-time monitoring, workforce management centralized message boards and speech analytics.
  • Customized Speech Analytics Reports.
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