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Globalized education, especially at the post-secondary level, is fitted to fluctuations in enrolment. Therefore, the demand for representatives fluctuates. In addition, phone duties are often a small portion of a larger set of job requirements in post-secondary institutions. Put simply, many workers answer incoming client calls while simultaneously performing other duties. Translated across the terms of an academic year, phones may be staffed by volunteers or by department heads. Such is the new world of learning.

As with many industries, educational institutions also supplement permanent staff levels with temporary workers to handle the busiest traffic times of the educational year.

The point of first phone contact also represents the educational institution's first impression on prospective students. When considering the option of attending a specific school, prospective students may form an impression of the school's competence from a simple phone call. This is especially true as learning breaks beyond the border of a district, region or nation. In a globalized classroom, all educational institutions compete for the best learners by projecting themselves as prime learning centers. In this sense, a learning center's call center can make the grade in global education - or not.

Applied Business Technologies (ABT) assists in customizing call-center performance so that educational institutions can efficiently process all interactions with a primary emphasis on quality of caller experience.

Workforce Management

Educators can utilize ABT's workforce management tool to ensure that an institution's workforce is ultimately productive. Schools can predict current and future staffing requirements, short-term peak loads and availabilities for holidays and weekends. With Applied Business Technology management metrics, high-quality customer contact can be cost-effective and assured.

Business Intelligence / Performance Management

ABT's Performance Management tool uses a consistent set of metrics to identify and measure the ways that educational institutions can continuously improve their service benchmarks. Key performance indicators inform organizations on the success of their call centers. ABT Performance Management is an excellent quality control tool.

Post Call Surveys

Applied Business Technologies offers a completely customized automated post call survey tool that is user-friendly, comprehensive and provides immediate customer feedback about your customer service and products.

This is a completely interactive survey tool that allows customers to provide feedback via any touch tone telephone or by voice response to questions that you determine as key indicators for customer satisfaction, compliance, employee campaigns, special campaigns or quality assurance.

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