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In a discussion paper on energy efficiency, researchers have found that "… consumers often lack sufficient information about the difference in future operating costs between more-efficient and less-efficient goods necessary to make proper investment decisions" (Energy Efficiency Economics and Policy, April 2009). Isn't it ironic? The world is so aware of carbon footprint, yet information on the best path forward remains a barrier.

Energy providers, such as utility companies and municipalities, grapple with a different element of the energy economy: regulation. Utilities increasingly face strict regulation and a high level of scrutiny and liability. Yet, energy markets are riddled with contradictions. Governments are both energy regulators and stakeholders who limit private-sector involvement to that of Independent Power Producers (IPPs). The world is also going hybrid in a traditionally-defined energy sector. State-owned utilities retain dominant market share, but regulatory frameworks appear to be entering an era of flux.

Information is extremely germane to the future of energy. Therefore, citizens demand access. Utilities greatly need affordable and reliable Call Center applications due to the high volume of customer service calls. Applied Business Technologies solutions meet all of the requirements and provides the ability for your operation to improve risk management, quality assurance, customer retention, dispute resolution and other critical business concerns.

Benefits include:

Call Recording, Screen and QA

  • Call Recording and Live Monitoring, Quality Assurance and Reporting to ensure accurate and courteous customer service agents.
  • Our Call Recording solution helps supervisors to confirm that agents are correctly processing account numbers, payment information, and service-related issues.
  • Voice and Screen Capture for liability protection and dispute resolutions. Our robust call recording software safeguards your verbal contracts from the "he said-she said" disputes contained in costly lawsuits.

Post Call Survey Solutions

  • Interactive Post-Call Survey that can be used to measure Quality Assurance and customer satisfaction.

Business Analytics

Utility companies are faced with the constant challenge of replacing aging infrastructures and deploying smart grids which demand significant investments and greater operational efficiencies. Utilities can leverage the power of analytics to free up working capital and optimize return-on-investment (ROI). Combining metrics from multiple sources is not only effective in the call center, but in many other business units as well.

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