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The International Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA) has a code of ethics and operations which stresses respect for clients, honest communication and ethical collection. However, the workforce management code outlines ten other requirements of members which fall outside of basic regulations. Perhaps the most compelling is: "Not to harass, threaten, or coerce a person…" This is a noble ambition, but state and federal governments have increasingly levied collection agency fines for telephone contact violations. It seems that a significant number of call recording industry members are not following the rules when it comes to humane phone conduct during collection.

A phone recording needs no interpretation. It speaks for itself just as the participants do. Perhaps the most effective remedy for unscrupulous collection agency fines collectors would be the pure honesty of their recorded conduct. In this sense, call recording software represents a metric analytics measure of collection agency fines collectors' accountability. Consider collection agency software as a high-tech form of workforce management.

Collection agencies can prevent contact violation fines by implementing an inexpensive call recording solution. Normally the cost of this product is far less than the majority of the collection agency fines. Applied Business Technologies (ABT) collection agency software helps collection firms to enact smarter, more efficiently workforce management while dealing with tighter budget and heavier workloads.

Some of the applications and services we offer include:

  • A Call Recording software application that provides a secure environment which allows rules-based permissions, data retention and DOD secure deletion.
  • Call Recording and Screen Capture metric analytics to improve collections and other key performance metrics, such as accountable agent/debtor interactions.
  • Recording and screening agent/customer interactions with easy playback helps to ensure compliance, minimize collection agency fines and reduce liability risks.
  • Quality Assurance and collection agency software applications to ensure that the agents have appropriate job skills and training.

Speech Enabled Applications

Our Speech Analytics call recording software application analyzes the entire call identifying key phrases that are important to the workforce management techniques used. Those words are then measured and utilized by supervisors to coach agents effectively in increasing debt collection rates via metrics analytics. SpeechMiner automatically detects and categorizes any abusive, unfair, or deceptive language or collections practices by analyzing each collections-related call. ABT Speech Analytics ensures that users are fully compliant with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management and scheduling allows collection organizations to enhance collection effectiveness and control costs.

Management can approve time sheets automatically, track tardiness and absences with real-time alerts. Therefore, managers can take immediate action. Applied Business Technologies' Workforce Management call recording solution also provides flexible time recording for field crews and equal distribution of overtime, if necessary.

ABT's detailed budget report metric analytics system empowers finance managers to accurately verify operating costs by matching workforce management expenses to the appropriate operating units. Human Resources can accurately collect hours worked, using ABT call recording, to ensure accurate pay calculations for regular time, overtime and shift differential.

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