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In a more litigious society, law firms increasingly rely on call centers to streamline customer access to legal assistance. The old paradigm of one secretary fielding all calls is becoming obsolete, because larger law firms just have too many clients call for too many distinct reasons. Add the Internet to the mix, and one begins to embrace the value of designing a customer-focused telephony platform for making sure that all callers end up speaking to the right legal representatives. Internally, law firms can more effectively manage call processing for attorneys who may be unavailable due to court appearances.

Call center software can also be designed for the most sensitive legal conference calls. When plaintiff and defense counsel engage in case settlement negotiations, call contents are a matter of significant record. A secure telephony call recording system is an excellent of digitally mastering the task of noting legal conference minutes. Well-managed, such call recording software may also provide the means for precise up-to-the-minute billing. Whether the conversation is a matter of principle or otherwise, call recording software objectively records the proceedings.

Applied Business Technologies (ABT) understands that legal matters are often extremely sensitive. That's why legal firms can rely on call recording technology for client interaction processes: to ensure service standards of high impact on peoples' lives. From the accident victim who reaches out in desperation to the client with a simple query, ABT call center solutions are the ultimate in programmable customer service.

Speech Analytics Solutions

  • programming key legal terms in order to correctly process incoming call expediently.
  • monitoring call center agents' interactions with clients based on the firm's specific codes of conduct.

Call Recording

  • cross-platform recording from virtually any device or phone system.
  • easy-to-install (no prerequisite hardware).

Reporting and Coaching

  • supervisors trending agent performance using Speech Analytics key performance indicators (KPI).
  • report and training modules which reflect the firm's policies and procedures.
  • 40 possible call recording reports for continually assessing and improving contact center experience.


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