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The global financial recession of 2008 has produced stricter regulation of the finance and banking sector. In the US, the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (July 2010) produced the most dramatic financial regulatory changes since the Great Depression. In the United Kingdom, the Financial Services Authority has placed the onus on bankers to include records their mobile phone transactions. In other words, global market changes bring regulatory changes.

Thus, it is vital for banks and lending institutions to secure and protect sensitive financial information as never before. Applied Business Technologies (ABT) solutions enable financial institutions to improve customer service and safeguard sensitive information. Our recording solution helps to provide an accurate and reliable audit trail of verbal agreements between consumers and lenders. Financial institutions are globally competitive these days, and their abilities to meet the demands of customers and regulators is intense.

Regulatory change is a symptom of the times. The developed world seeks further development, while the developing world seeks to grow. This translates in a global economy in which all lenders view all nations as potential customers. Regulations tend to apply nationally, even though the financial market is clearly global.

If recession teaches us anything, it is the value of safety. When future financial security rests on information, ABT is the go-to technology provider for financiers who move quickly and achieve much. Applied Business Technologies authors the following services:

Call Recording and QA

  • Call-Recording solutions are fully PCI compliant.
  • Call Recording that meets compliance and industry standards. Recording provides a secure environment, while allowing rules-based permissions, data retention and DOD secure deletion.
  • Voice and Screen Capture for liability protection and dispute resolutions. Our robust call recording software safeguards your verbal contracts from the "he said-she said" disputes contained in costly lawsuits.

Speech Analytics

Using our Speech Analytics application, you can create categories which are most important to your business and locate the root cause of any topic of interest to the call center. This helps to quickly identify at-risk customers and deliver critical insight into call center performance. The ABT Speech Analytics application allows you to act immediately on necessary changes.

Business Analytics

Our Call Center Performance Management tool (CCPM), can consolidate and analyze a variety of data that will provide insight on how your enterprise is performing. The possibilities are endless. Essentially, any data point that you watch or manage over time can be correlated and analyzed in CCPM.

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