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Applied Business Technologies offers a complete workforce management solution for call centers of any size.


WFM Live provides contact center managers and supervisors the ability to precisely forecast future call volumes and average handling times for each call center agent, while balancing service levels costs and planning for long-term staffing needs.

Agent & Supervisor Collaboration:

Agents and supervisors are connected through a web-based interface which allows them to communicate instantly. Agents are able to view, bid and request changes on schedules. Supervisors are able to create, forecast, approve or deny agents request online. Our solution is an alternative to traditional spread sheet formats.

Schedule Optimization:

Real-time automated scheduling enables administrators to drag-and-drop breaks, lunches, holidays and make other changes to agent schedules instantly.

Reporting & Performance Management:

The reporting features enable administrators to capture and analyze data and analyze agent activities according to key performance indicators. Customizable reports indicate how your center is processing call volume, achieving service level goals, and helping to managing costs and revenue.

Exception Planning:

The exception planner is an easy-to-use availability calendar featuring color-coded displays in real-time to ease the scheduling of holidays and time off for agents.

Real-Time Adherence:

Real-time monitoring to verify that agents are adhering to their schedules. This feature allows administrators to compare planned agent activity with actual activities throughout the day. Managers and supervisors are instantly alerted when agents are out of adherence. ABT adherence monitoring assists managers and supervisors to reduce shrinkage by efficiently calculating the minutes per day that agents are being paid while not actually working or while being unavailable to receive calls.

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