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In a 2007 industry report, researchers note that deregulation in the telecommunications industry has facilitated several impacts of note for manufacturing businesses:

  • increased competition.
  • increased net work capacity.
  • improved quality.
  • reduced costs on domestic and international traffic.


(Source: Production and Operations Management: Vol. 16, No. 6, November-December 2007)

Technological advances and globalized commerce have added some levels of practical complexity to the call-center industry. Automated call center software is routing more calls more quickly to points all over the world for immediate response. However, call-center outsourcing has been a little more challenging. Agents reside anywhere in the world, and they are increasingly servicing people anywhere in the world. Thus, quality control has been a practical challenge to the new globalized customer service paradigm.

Luckily, advanced technology is helping to smooth the transition from the head office to the global office. Applied Business Technologies (ABT) contact center management solutions help companies within a variety of industries including telecommunications, mobile services, healthcare, automotive dealerships, financial services, and the public sector. Attract and retain customers by digitally capturing phone and data based interactions that helps to improve risk management, quality assurance, customer retention, dispute resolution and other critical business concerns. We cover all aspects of Call Recording and work across virtually any telephony platform. In conjunction with our recording applications, we offer several additional products such as Speech Analytics, Business Data Analytics, Post Call Surveys, IVR Installation/Customization and Workforce Management. With Applied Business Technologies, you can build one of the most powerful quality and revenue generating process on the market

Call Recording and Screen Capture

ABT's call recording software (Windows platforms) can be fitted to for single-server support of: VoIP, analog, digital, and trunk side recording. Our platform also combines voice and screen capture for synchronous playback, as well as a fully-featured Quality Assurance reporting system. Please click here for more information.

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics information is extracted to identify calls from unsatisfied customers Combined with our Call Recording and Post Call Survey this tool becomes one of the most powerful combinations in the Call Center industry. For more information on our Speech Analytics product, please click here.

Speech Analytics

Our Business Intelligence tool combines applications and practices which define present business performance. With ABT, manufacturers can measure benchmarks and performance objectives with a consistent, customized set of metrics.

Post Call Survey Solutions

Applied Business Technologies offers a completely customized automated post call survey tool to gain important customer feedback on your services and products. Customers can provide feedback via any touch tone telephone or by voice response to pre-determined questions.

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