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Our Call Center Performance Management tool can consolidate and analyze a variety of call recording data that will provide you with speech analytics insight on how your enterprise is performing. The Call Recording possibilities are endless. Essentially, Speech Analytics can programmed to allow you to manage any call recording data point over time. Once correlated and analyzed using ABT Speech Analytics, call center managers can transform call recording into potential sources of revenue.

You no longer need to spend a day or more producing statistics and reports. Our Call Recording and Speech Analytics tools empower you to load and analyze data from the source, with no standardized Call Recording format requirements. Utilize ABT's Speech Analytics software to drill through your data hierarchy to find the root cause of a problem. Cluster your call recording data from disparate sources for side-by-side comparative analysis of metrics, such as:

  • Quality Monitoring Scores
  • Sales & Marketing Statistics
  • Human Resource, Cost & Accounting Information
  • Customer Contact Management
  • Manufacturing Key Process Indicators

Save time and increase profitability

The CCPM process of performance targeting allows you to focus your attention where it is most needed, eliminating the time-consuming and costly process of wading through all of your enterprise's call recording and speech analytics data on a daily basis. Rapid resolution of performance bottlenecks means increased productivity, enhanced profitability and competitive advantage.

Better manage your Call Recording activities

Optimized for time-series analysis, Performance Management allows you to simultaneously view and analyze all key performance metrics from the disparate internal and external data sources that make up your enterprise. Whether looking at your own internal data, outsourced activity data or a combination of both, Performance Management enables you to quickly and accurately determine your corporate performance and profitability (or risk).


  • Trend your performance metrics at the individual contributor level.
  • Summarize at the enterprise level.
  • View your data from several statistical perspectives (using Speech Analytics).
  • Perform ranking and comparative analysis.
  • Navigate your data hierarchy.
  • Create custom queries and graphics and bookmark them for future use.

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