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The insurance industry is all about assurance. When crunch time comes, insurance representatives are front-line supporters of the afflicted. The industry is defined by not only response time, but by quality of service. Excellence in the insurance field is achieved by applying the letter of policy to frail and troubled circumstances. When all is well, it is easy to do. When trouble arrives, great insurers are on-the-spot for their clients. This is why the industry is ultra-competitive and affluent.

Insurance companies utilize call recording technology to gain a competitive edge. Call recording serve the insurance industry in several ways. Done well, call center call recording assists insurance industry players to preserve the personal touch that made them successful in the first place. As commerce globalizes, insurance has globalized. In the process, insurance companies have increasingly sought increased customer satisfaction and retention from call recording data, such as that provided by Speech Analytics. One of the fundamentals is first contact, the point at which consumer reaches out service providers. Whether it is a simple question or a moment of crisis, insurance representatives aim to resolve immediate problems while delivering quality of service for long-term success.

Applied Business Technologies (ABT)s offers a variety of solutions aimed at providing assurance to insurance. Our business solutions help to guarantee happy and loyal customers.

Speech Analytics Solutions

Speech Analytics applications capture key phrases during agent / customer interaction to identify unsatisfied customers and provide better training to aim for first call resolution.

Call Recording and QA

  • Call Recording and Screen Capture ensures regulatory compliance.
  • Easy location and retrieval of recording data to handle Disputed Resolution and Risk Management.

Post Call Survey Solutions

  • Interactive Post-Call survey which measures Quality Assurance and customer satisfaction.


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