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One needs only look at the size of the mobile phone market to grasp the power of telecommunications. According to industry data, we purchased more than 427.7 million mobile phones in three months (2012). Phones need telecommunication infrastructure, and callers can now reach each other in most nations on the planet. If ever you want someone to look at you as if you were alien, try suggesting an era in which phones came with cords attached!

Early in the 20th Century, AT&T's then-president, Theodore Newton Vail, had a motto on telephone monopoly: "One Policy, One System, Universal Service." In 1910, the Mann-Elkins Act established US federal regulatory authority over phone services. By 1925, the US government had regulated telecommunications rates across most of America. However, competition was either discouraged or explicitly prohibited. In 1934, the US government created the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to impose telecommunications service requirements at regulated rates. Change required government approval.

The concepts of call recording and speech analytics were futurist imagining, but regulation had already become a factor in telecommunications.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) still imposes regulatory scrutiny on Telecommunications companies, especially with FCC's marketing practices and consumers’ data privacy policies. Applied Business Technologies (ABT) offers call recording solutions for verification of transactions, optimization of business processes and accurate evaluation of contact center operations resulting in improved performance.


  • Call Recording and voice-documentation solutions help to improve risk management.

Dispute resolution and other critical business concerns

  • Recording and screening agent/customer interactions with easy playback retrieval helps to ensure call recording compliance, minimize dispute-related costs and reduced liability risks.

Quality Assurance and Call Recording for training purposes

  • Our solutions, including our Call Recording and Screen Capture software, are fully PCI-compliant.
  • Full-Time call recording that meets compliance and industry standards.
  • Call recording software that provides a secure environment.
  • Rules-based permissions, data retention and DOD secure deletion.
  • Voice and Screen Recording for liability protection and dispute resolutions.
  • Safeguard your verbal contracts from the "he said-she said" disputes contained in costly lawsuits.

Post Call Surveys to ensure customer satisfaction

Applied Business Technologies' Post-Call Survey solution help you to better understand your customers, partners and employees' knowledge of your products and services. Our Post-Call Survey application engages your customers in a completely customized automated survey. This interactive survey tool allows customers to provide feedback via any touch-tone telephone or by voice response to questions that are your speech analytics key indicators for customer satisfaction, compliance, employee campaigns, special campaigns and quality assurance.

Speech Analytics

Our Speech Analytics application is a comprehensive call recording analysis platform by which contact centers can be extracted to distinguish regular calls from dissatisfied customer inquiries. This technology combines different techniques to achieve call center objectives by identifying speech analytics keywords or phrases which indicate customer perceptions of call center service. That way, contact centers can be most responsive to their clientele.

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