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Speech Analytics (SA) is a method used to extract useful words and phrases in telephone interactions, enabling more precise insight into information that would otherwise be hidden from scrutiny. Therefore, Speech Analytics is a crucial contributor to business intelligence (BI).

At Applied Business Technologies, Speech Analytics is part of an extremely-powerful turnkey Call Recording application which allows you to analyze recorded conversations with your customers continuously, in 54 different languages.

Our Speech Analytics solutions allow customers to tap into the wealth of data within their call recording systems. By creating Speech Analytics categories most important to your business, you can quickly drilldown to the root cause of any topic of interest in the call center. Thus, Call Recording helps to quickly identify at-risk customers and deliver critical insight into call center performance. Therefore, supervisors can immediately enact any necessary changes.

Speech Analytics: Key Features

  • Highest accuracy and detection, for maximum business impact.
  • Support of 54 languages, accents and dialects.
  • Recording platform agnostic that integrates with all major brands of recording equipment, as well as QA management systems.
  • Web 2.0 user interface and collaboration tools.
  • Fully integrates with all of our Call Recording products.
  • System can be augmented by our customer satisfaction Post-Call Survey product.
  • Extremely comprehensive, customizable reporting system.

Speech Analytics Benefits

  • ROI (payback) is typically generated within a year of deployment.
  • Helps to drive call recording process improvements with previously unavailable business intelligence.
  • Identifies key sales skills for successful sales conversion.
  • Improves supervisors' productivity, thus enabling them to effectively coach agents.
  • Eliminates subjectivity and randomness from performance evaluation and management.
  • Maximizes customer retention and satisfaction with direct listening to the voice of the customer.
  • Ensures compliance with call recording polices and regulations.

Maximize your Improvement Efforts

Applied Business Technologies Call Recording products and services maximize the efficiencies of your call center. As a premier call center software provider, we are committed to your satisfaction. Our products generate additional revenue for your call center.

Register for a demo of SpeechMiner® and see the power of this total Speech Analytics solution. Discover how Speech Analytics technology increases productivity and supplies revenue-generating information for call centers.

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