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Applied Business Technologies offers technology solutions for medium-sized businesses and multi-site large enterprises across multiple sectors of any economy of scale, anywhere in the world. When business needs to optimize its call center expenditures, it calls on ABT.

Our contact center management solutions help companies within a variety of industries including telecommunications, mobile services, healthcare, automotive dealerships, financial services, and the public sector. Naturally, each industry is as unique as the person working in it, and the customer patronizing it. Auto dealerships, for example, may utilize ABT digital call-capture capacity to enhance their sale peoples' interactions with customers. Health care and financial service facilities are legally required to retain all phone and data-based interactions with clients, so data retention take on monumental scale. In that context, storage capacity and technical customization are crucial - both for the letter of law and for customers. Telecommunications is moving so quickly that only a technological application works to attract and retain customers. By digitally capturing phone and data-based interactions, all industries are empowered to improve risk management, quality assurance, customer retention, dispute resolution and other critical business concerns. Some examples and use cases of industries we work with are as follows:


Healthcare companies manage increased compliance, regulation standards and liability accountability while meeting increased demand for excellent performance.


Applied Business Technologies (ABT) solutions enable financial institutions to improve customer service and safeguard sensitive information. Our recording solution helps to provide an accurate and reliable audit trail of verbal agreements between consumers and lenders.


Information is extremely germane to the future of energy. Therefore, citizens demand access. Utilities greatly need affordable and reliable Call Center applications due to the high volume of customer service calls.


Collection agencies can prevent contact violation fines by implementing an inexpensive call recording solution. Normally the cost of this product is far less than the majority of the fines.


Applied Business Technologies (ABT) offers solutions for verification of transactions, optimization of business processes and accurate evaluation of contact center operations resulting in improved performance.


Due to new regulations and the possibility of litigation, the public sector has an increasing need for affordable yet robust and secure call center solutions.


The travel and entertainment industry is mainly focused on improving and upholding operational efficiency. Applied Business technologies offers a wide variety of robust solutions which will ensure guest satisfaction and loyalty.


Insurance companies are always searching for ways to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Applied Business Technologies offers a variety of solutions that can guarantee happy and loyal customers.

In an ever-diversified world, business seeks diverse and cost-effective ways of gaining a competitive advantage with its customers on the ground. Applied Business Technologies (ABT) builds flexible and efficient call center solutions to fit the needs and demands of any enterprise. ABT builds the infrastructure, and clients build their commerce.

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