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About Us

Our story begins...

Applied Business Technologies is a leading provider of Call Recording software, Speech Analytics, post-call survey and other adjunct call recording solutions for enhanced performance management. Founded in 2001, ABT's primary focus has been providing Quality Assurance solutions at competitive prices to businesses of all sizes.

Offering open-architecture software-based solutions, proven top-notch Quality Assurance support and implementation to our customers has always been at the forefront of our Call Recording customer service model.

By listening to our customers, we are able to offer Call Recording software products and services that enhance and exceed our customers’ expectations. Armed with Applied Business Technologies' Call Recording concepts, customers are empowered to maximize call center software investments in their companies, clients and employees.

Applied Business Technologies is a privately-held organization with corporate headquarters located in Delray Beach, Florida.

Mission Statement

In a world where rapid change is the norm and instability is a way of life, there has arisen an opportunity for introducing leading-edge technology. That is why Applied Business Technologies was founded. Leveraging decades of technology, sales and relationship management experience, Applied Business Technologies aspires to fill the call center software void by partnering with world class technology organizations.

At Applied We Assert:

It is our privilege to partner with our clients to attain our mutual goals. Applied Business Technologies only pursues challenges from which ABT provides enjoyable journeys to success. It is your right, as our client and partner, to only expect excellence when Applied Business Technologies is involved.

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