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Why Choose Us for Call Center Software & Consulting?

About Applied Business Technologies

Applied Business Technologies is a premium supplier of industry-recognized “Best of Breed” call center software. Founded in 2001, our primary focus has been providing quality solutions at competitive prices to businesses of all sizes. Offering open-architecture software-based solutions, proven top notch support and implementation to our customers has always been at the forefront of our customer service model.

  • Providing customer insight with easy-to-use Call Recording and Quality Assurance software
  • Extract information using highly-accurate Speech Analytics on the premise or in the cloud
  • Quickly measuring, then improving customer satisfaction is easy with our Performance Suite
  • Technology that drives agent performance and revenue to new levels

Applied Business Technologies Products

Applied Business Technologies offers consulting and solutions for medium-sized businesses and multi-site large enterprises. Our contact center management solutions help companies in a variety of industries including telecommunications, mobile services, healthcare, energy providers, financial services and the public sector.

We cover all aspects of Call Recording and work across virtually any telephony platform. In conjunction with our recording applications, we offer several additional products, such as Speech Analytics, Post Call Surveys and Workforce Management. Trust Applied Business Technologies to build your next state-of-the-art Call Center Performance platform or simply upgrade the functionality of your existing systems.

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